Hot weather this week and weekend But great Fishing

July 22nd, 2011

Its been hot this week. But I can tell you there is nothing like a nice cool ocean breeze.  Fishing has been great we are catching all the spanish, blue fish and Big sharks you want right on the beach.  Off shore is still good plenty of grouper and sea bass to be had.  King mackeral bite has also gotten better.  We will be fishing all weekend keep you posted.  Preety cool picture from the Cape fear blue marlin tournament.  You dont see six white marlin flags flying very often here.  They caught the fish stright out of wrightsville.   Give us a call…. Lets go fishing..

Tight lines

Good Surfing weather

July 18th, 2011

The wind keep us from going out 20 to 30 in search of sailfish and grouper.  We managed to stay close to the beach and caught plenty of the spanish, blue fish and sharks.  Looks like the weather is going to be good this week.

Good King Bite

July 15th, 2011

150 plus boats fishing the gotem kmt this past weekend.  Very few big fish came to the scales.  Brent Gainer and Michael Davis both good friends of mine ended up with the first and sencond place fish.  A 36 and a 30lb.  The leader board went down fast after that.   However we have caught some realy nice fish this week.  Plenty of mid 20’s and a few in the 30’s.  If you like to live bait now if a good time to jump on and go.

The sail fish are still biteing and seem to be here to stay for a while.  Something I love to do every year is Tarpon Fish.  It was more of a local secret years ago but I think the word has gotten out.  The Tarpon will start showing up now on the full moon and will stay around through the august full moon. The are mirgrating up our coast now and they stage up just off Bald Head Island.   Lots of fun if you want to go.  

Let me know..

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HOT Bite….

July 13th, 2011


sorry for not up dateing in a while.. we have been fishing almost every day.  The sail Fish bite has been great so far off our beach.  We went two for three last weekend.  Offshore the dolphin and bill fish are very steady.  Near shore all the spanish mackeral, blue fish and BIG sharks you want to catch.  Give us a call or email us if you want to go.  Have a opening for this weekend. 

Mahi and the Sailfish are biteing!

June 19th, 2011

A few pictures from the weekend.  Hope to have more emailed back to me this week.  Fishing has been good for us.  We got lucky and went two for three on the sail fish over the past three days.  We have had great luck with the mahi’s and I think they will be around for a while.  The king fishing has slowed some.  Plenty of grouper and sea bass to catch along with nice Spanish mackerel along the beach.  Shark and Tarpon Fishing is getting pretty good as well.

Stay tone..

Spanish and Kings Close to the Beach

June 15th, 2011

The in shore fishing has picked up.  Big spanish and Blues are biteing good on the beach.  Still a few cobia around as well. 

Capt Tom Sellers had a great trip sunday.  The ended up with 17 mahi’s and jumped off a sail fish.  Please call or email is you want to go.  Our days are filling up quick..

tight lines..

Bald Head Rodeo.. 2011 Pic’s

June 7th, 2011

Fished Bald Head Island Rodeo 2011

June 6th, 2011
Fished Friday and Saturday and had two great days off shore.  Most everyone has heard of the major bite going on down south the past week or two.  Our waters have slowed and a smaller class of fish moved in.   So we decided to take a long boat ride both days.  We found the fish and had all the big gaffer Dolphin you wanted.  Saw a couple of free jumper bill fish and had a few bill fish hooked up around us.  We led the tournment after the first day by a few pounds.  Stream Weaver was in second and the Music Man was in third.  We all went back to the same area to try and find the water we fished the day before.   Well it moved the wind had shifted to the NE and pushed it futher off shore and to the SW.  We had another great day close to 200 pounds of Doplhin alone.  We left to fishing grounds to get back with plenty of time to weigh in our catch and collect our prize.  Everthing was just going too good I guess… we lost our port engine with 23 miles to go.  So we where DQ’d and our fish did not count.  Oh well, thats how it goes some times.  Mike King and the stream weaver took home first.  We ended up holding up with second place and our fished were weighed just to see what we has.  We had it won three time over with more than 50 pounds over any other boat.  More pictures to come.

Great Fishing

May 31st, 2011

Hope everyone had a great memioral day weekend.  I know we sure did!  We fished pretty much every day with the exception of sunday.  We also had a couple of very nice sunset trips.

Off shore is still the same.  The fish seem to be pucshing in some and the larger Mahi have showed them seleves more.  The wahoo bite slowed down along with the Black fin.  The Bill Fish bite seems to be picking up like it shoud this time a year. 

Near Shore..    We caught some nice cobia’s coming back from a grouper trip friday.  they are always great on the dinner table.  The bait has realy showed up along our live bottom area’s where we king and grouper fish. Plenty of both for know along with some realy big AJ’s..

Going to be nice all week.  We can get you in just call or email..

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Great Weekend

May 22nd, 2011

The Weather could not have been any better.  The Near Shore and off shore fishing was great for everyone.  We fished sat and sunday and ended up with more fish than we knew what to do with.  Sat we caught 17 mahi, one wah0o and a nice 30 lb black fin.  Sunday was around the same thing.  I think we lost more mahi than we caught but ended up with 12 nice gaffer mahi’s and missed a white marlin.  The king bite fired off near shore alond with the spanish and blue fish along the beach.

We have a few openings this week.  Give us a call if you want to go..  Bring a big cooler  if you go with us…..

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Wilmington Fishing Charters

Picture above is from a boat down south with a 50 lb mahi.. Way to go guys